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let's you and me go be free

[qc] -- well strawberry avalanche, crash over me
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alive?, am i failing, anime, ansem retort, antidisestablishmentarinism, anybody in here?, anybody out there?, babygorgeous, bahamut, bam margera, big fish, bleach, carnival, challenging myself, chaos, chattur'gha, cillian murphey, crap, crazy people, crazycool, cure me, dane cook, deliverance, dero, disease, don't forget me, dorochet, elephant bones, elephants, emotions, english, face smacking, fallout boy, families, fear, fire fire, flux, foreign languages, forensics, four o clock, fullmetal alchemist, gonna make it out, greed, grimmjow jaggerjack, hate me, hated of poetry, hatred is, hats, heaven, hell, hellsing, hemorrhage, honey, hyenas, i feel so alone, jive jones, kill me, killing loneliness, kingdom hearts, kiss me, kiss me goodbye, kurogane, lewis black, love, loz, lyrics, machine baby, magic, many things but myself, men, message in a bottle, mitch hedburg, mortainius, motion city soundtrack, music, my life in reverse, mythology, naruto, nilvana, nirvana, no me gusto payaso, not angsting, not being alone, novels, o-zone, oomph!, oranges, original characters, picture me, promised land, psychology, purgatory, raptor jesus, renji abarai, reno sinclair, rude, rude/rufus, rufus shinra, rufus/rude, sadie g, scarecrow, serial killers, severance, short stories, simple and clean, simplicity, smiley faces, splicing, sports bottles, squirt bottles, stilettos, sweeney todd, synchronizing, the bunny, the four horsemen, the seven deadly sins, the used, the word isotope, the word sycophant, tsubasa, vergil sparda, watching myself slowly fail, why aren't you, words, writing, yaoi